Novus Medical offers treatment for snoring

03 Oct 2019

Medical aesthetic company Novus medical has launched a new device designed to treat snoring, called the Somnilase.

The company explains around 41.5% of the UK population snores but only 5% are medically diagnosed and treated, making it a suitable addition to a private aesthetic practice. The device strengthens the structure of the soft palate and uvula by causing microscopic damage to the mucous membrane, Novus Medical advises.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Nathan Holt, who was the first to offer the Somnilase in the UK, explained, “During the treatment, a large amount of energy is applied. As a result, the soft palate is fixed and becomes more stable during breathing, since a greater resistance to the passage of turbulent air flow throughout the night is provided.”

The Somnilase has also been subject to a small clinical trial where 10 patients (nine men and one woman with a mean age of 38) with severe snoring self-measured themselves every other night for the period of four weeks and once weekly during weekdays for four to six months following treatment. The study found that the mean reduction of snoring in terms of time and amplitude was between 40% and 60% in a four to six month interval, while more than 50% of the subjects and their bedpartners stated ‘excellent improvement’.


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