Nuchido release CPD webinars

Supplement company Nuchido has launched a series of CPD accredited webinars on nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) and the role it plays in the ageing process.

The first webinar named ‘The Future of Anti-Ageing Is Not Injectable’ is available free now to all medical professionals working in aesthetics.

The webinars have been launched as part of a new online educational resource about NAD+ which includes the latest insights from scientific journals, as well as social media assets that can be posted online. 

Dr Steven Land, aesthetic practitioner at Novellus Aesthetics, has been working with Nuchido throughout 2021 and said: “The insights I’ve gained from Nuchido have really educated me on the emerging field of cellular ageing and the latest best practice in addressing it. This has helped me not only diversify my current services but to also consider how my business needs to develop in the future in order to stay current and capture this new market coming to the UK”

Chief commercial officer at Nuchido, Alix Mackay,
said, “This resource will enable professionals in aesthetics to access the very
latest research and expert opinion on the subject, putting them on the front
foot to capture a market that is very much coming to the UK.”      

You can watch the first webinar here

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