On the Scene: Allergan Immersive Digital Tutorial

Two new MD Codes were launched by plastic surgeon Mr Mauricio de Maio on September 12 at the very first immersive digital tutorial held by the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI).

Advanced Allergan practitioners from around the world were invited to learn the latest injection techniques for effective mid and lower face treatments using the Juvéderm product range.

Mr de Maio highlighted the importance of continued learning during the webinar, stating, “The field of medical aesthetics is constantly involving so the education of injectors is a never-ending task. We must take the time to reflect how we can improve our practice and deliver better outcomes to our patients.”

He then introduced best practice for patient assessment and the new MD Codes – the 7-POINT SHAPE for women and 9-POINT SHAPE for men. The 7-POINT SHAPE for women involves seven points, which include Ck1, Ck4, Jw1, C1 and C2, and Jw4 and Jw5. The 9-POINT SHAPE for men involves injection of Ck1, Ck4, Jw1, Jw2, C1, C2, Jw4, Jw5 and C5 points.

During the webinar, Mr de Maio performed the 7-POINT SHAPE injection techniques using Juvéderm Volux and Juvéderm Voluma, and encouraged viewers to perform the treatments on their own patients in their clinics.

At the end of the webinar, Mr de Maio stated, “I hope you have found today’s experiences interesting and beneficial to your clinical practice. Remember that you can access these learning materials at any time on the AMI digital world. I will leave you with one thought: remember that you must not stand still, you must continue to reflect and evolve as injectors and if we do this together we can truly change our industry for the better.”

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