PCA Skin launches new hand cream

29 Sep 2020

Skincare company PCA Skin has released C&E Hand Renewal Cream, designed to help hand ageing.

The company explains that the formula contains 10% vitamin C that aims to promote collagen production, thicken the dermis and diminish fine lines, as well as protect skin cells from free radicals caused by UV exposure.

Other ingredients in the hand cream include vitamin E, hexylresorcinol and bakuchiol.

Lizzie Shaw, PCA Skin brand manager, said, "Patients are realising that they no longer have to endure hands that look older than their face and are actively looking for effective treatments both at home and in-clinic. We are therefore delighted to have launched an effective treatment option in C&E Hand Renewal to sit alongside our current portfolio of effective skincare for the face. C&E Hand Renewal offers an antioxidant-rich corrective, specially formulated to target the delicate and often neglected skin of the hands. It features a unique combination of vitamins C & E, hexylresorcinol and bakuchiol which work synergistically to provide the skin with optimal protection from free radical damage caused by oxidative stress."


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