Practitioners highlight new trending skin terms

29 Jun 2022

The terms ‘skinxiety’, ‘tired face’ and ‘red face’ are currently trending in the medical aesthetic industry, according to practitioners.

Aesthetic practitioner and scientific director of FACE conference, Dr Uliana Gout, who is also the president of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, explained that the rise in these terms have come following the pandemic. She said, “I’ve coined several terms which I have observed in the last year or so. Skinxiety marks the importance of taking time to really appreciate the psychological impact that phenomen such as ‘maskne’ and ‘zoom face’ have had on the general public’s perception of themselves. Tired face marks the latest phenomenon we are seeing – the residual impact of the exhaustion we have suffered in the last two years. Red face refers to the red complexions, dilated facial veins and aggravation of rosacea that we are increasingly seeing!”

Plastic surgeon and scientific director of the FACE conference Mr Ali Pirayesh agreed that the pandemic has had a large impact on skin trends. “We are seeing a continuing rise of non-surgical and surgical aesthetic procedures due to people being more aware of their ‘zoom face’ and being able to work from home allowing for more protracted downtime after aesthetic surgery.”


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