Simone Thomas Wellness partners with Powermed Plus

01 Aug 2022

Wellness and supplement brand Simone Thomas Wellness has partnered with healthcare sales and distribution company Powermed Plus, with the goal of developing an in-store presence in health food shops and pharmacies.

The brand will become established in stores across the UK, the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East by the end of the year, aiming to offer solutions for gut health, hormonal imbalances, hair loss, skin health and overall wellness.

Thomas said, “This partnership is a significant milestone for us, and as we see our products landing across Europe, Asia and the US, it is a testament to the work we have done as a team over the past 18 months and the appetite from consumers to live better.”

Mandy Willmore, managing director at Powermed UK, commented, “We were blown away by Simone’s supplements range. Not only are they backed by science, but the eye-catching branding was fresh and vibrant, and their commitment to sustainability, one that pays more than lip service to corporate social responsibility, is a masterclass in professionalism.”

Simone Thomas Wellness is also looking to expand into aesthetic clinics in the UK and globally, having just launched with surgeon Dr Hootan in the USA.


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