Sinclair acquire Viora Group

17 Mar 2022

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma has acquired the group of companies which form the Viora Group.

Viora has solutions which are suitable for aesthetic practitioners, dermatologists, cosmetic and plastic surgeons, general practitioners and dentists. The company has direct commercial operations in the US and manages a global distribution network of more than 60 countries. Viora’s brands include V-series technology platforms, Reaction, Infusion and Pristine.

Chris Spooner, CEO of Sinclair, commented, “I am excited to announce the Viora acquisition. We believe that we can expand Viora’s operations by leveraging Sinclair’s global marketing and geographical presence through our direct commercial affiliates in China, Korea, Russia, UAE, Europe and Latin America. Furthermore, Viora’s presence in the US provides an excellent platform to launch our energy-based device division’s products under the cocoon brands.” 


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