Sinclair Pharma introduces four new thread-lift protocols

19 Feb 2019

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma has introduced the Ultimate Reshaping Solution, a set of four new protocols, titled the Recontour, Redefine, Reshape and Reshape Plus.

The new techniques use an increased number of sutures, which in turn increases the stimulation of type one collagen, the company explains. The mid-face lift, the Recontour, uses six, eight cone sutures to treat mild sagging and volume loss in the cheek area and the nasolabial folds. The lower-face lift, Redefine, uses two, 12 cone sutures and four, eight cone sutures to treat mild sagging to the lower face and jawline laxity.

In addition, the full-face lift, called the Reshape, uses 10 eight cone sutures to reshape moderate tissue sagging. The full-face and neck treatment, the Reshape Plus, uses four 12 cone sutures and eight, eight cone sutures to reposition tissue in the face and neck.


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