Sterimedix applauds injectables at Awards

28 Nov 2022

Aesthetic manufacturer Sterimedix has been announced as the sponsor of the Injectable Product of the Year at The Aesthetics Awards 2023.

The Silkann Cannula Award for Injectable Product of the Year Award will recognise the injectable products which provide a wide range of indications and can show evidence of good safety and efficacy, optimum duration and tangible benefits over similar products on the market.

Nicholas Kennedy, head of global sales and marketing at Sterimedix, said, “Sterimedix, the UK manufacturer of the SILKANN range of aesthetic cannula, is delighted to continue our support of The Aesthetic Awards by sponsoring the Best Injectable Product of the Year Award. We passionately support the medical aesthetic market in the UK, and continue to advocate for those companies that work hard developing safe and effective products that patients and their clinicians can trust.”


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