Study finds omega-3 supplements may slow accelerated ageing

27 Apr 2021

A recent study published in Molecular Psychiatry has indicated that omega-3 supplements could alter the body’s response during a stressful event, slowing down accelerated ageing.

At the Ohio State University College of Medicine, the Institute for Behavioural Medicine Research assessed the effects of omega-3 supplements related to ageing on 138 middle-aged participants who were overweight and sedentary.

Over a four-month period, participants received either 2.5g per day of omega-3, 1.25g of omega-3 or a placebo. Participants completed the Trier Social Stress Test before and after the trial, and saliva and blood samples were taken before the test and multiple times afterwards.

These tests were used to measure salivary cortisol, telomerase in peripheral blood lymphocytes and serum anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory cytokines.

Researchers noticed that among both supplement groups a 24% and 26% post-dress decline in the telomerase were recorded, compared to the placebo group.

Lead author of the paper and graduate student in clinical psychology at Ohio State, Annelise Madison, commented, “These findings indicate that omega-3 supplements may promote healthy ageing at the cellular level. Our trial had high adherence rates and few adverse events, suggesting that omega-3 is well-tolerated. Most adults consume below the recommended daily dietary intake of omega-3 and supplements may be important and beneficial for them.”


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