Study suggests positive effects of Emepelle

30 Jan 2020

A clinical study evaluating the efficacy and safety of skincare line Emepelle has suggested positive improvements on menopausal skin.

The 20-week open label study was led by US dermatologist Dr Joel Cohen and involved 14 female subjects aged 53-68. Results indicated that 100% of participants saw improvements in their skin by week 14, and 86% stated that Emepelle helped alleviate some or all the skin issues they had developed since entering menopause.

Emepelle features a patented, non-hormonal ingredient called methyl estradiolpropanoate (MEP), which the company states is a non-hormonal oestrogen receptor agonist that is clinically proven to reinvigorate parts of the skin affected by low oestrogen levels during the menopause. Consultant dermatologist Dr Emma Wedgeworth commented, “Emepelle is a new category of skincare. MEP technology is fascinating because it’s a way of directly targeting the skin cells, helping to boost the effects of an oestrogen-like molecule, which is not actually a hormone. I’m very excited about the use of Emepelle and I think it’s really going to be an area that totally takes off because it’s really helping to target the sorts of changes we see in menopausal skin in a very intelligent way.” Emepelle is available in the UK through skincare and device distributor AesthetiCare.


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