Technique for silicone implants unveiled

30 Jul 2021

A technique named the ‘Transumbilical Silicone Breast Augmentation’ (TUSBA) has been conducted.

This technique features inserting implants through a discreet incision in the naval, a procedure which was previously believed to only allow for saline breast implant placement.

The technique is performed using blunt instruments to create a tunnel from the incision in the belly button to the breast. Through this tunnel, a pocket is created under the chest muscle, the breast pocket is expanded, and the work is inspected using an endoscopic camera. The silicone gel implants are placed using the Funnel No-Touch technique, allowing the implant to be placed gently, with precision and zero direct handling by the surgeon, reducing the risk of infection

Plastic surgeon Mr Jacob Haiavy has become the third surgeon to place silicone implants using this method.

Mr Haiavy outlines he limits TUSBA patients to a maximum breast implant volume of around 400cc, or an increase of roughly two cup sizes. He commented that this is a substantial increase which many patients will be able to reach their desired outcome with TUSBA.

Mr Haiavy said, “Good candidates for TUSBA breast augmentation include non-smokers in good health who want the natural feel of silicone breast implants without visible scarring. It would also be an excellent choice for those who want to replace lost breast volume after pregnancy or weight loss. I am confident I can achieve an excellent outcome for patients requiring silicone implants of 400 cc or less.” 


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