The Science Enhanced Anatomy Safety Outcomes Network, London

The Science Enhanced Anatomy Safety Outcomes Network (SEASON) Aesthetic Conference took place at King’s College London Guy’s Campus and the Royal Society of Medicine on June 10-12.

SEASON is directed by Mr Dalvi Humzah, Dr Hema Sundaram, and Dr Tamara Griffiths and is the third congress of the Global Aesthetics Alliance (GAA). 

The GAA is a not-for-profit scientific exchange that aims to advance procedural safety and outcomes in aesthetic medicine, identify unmet needs in research and development, and foster responsible media reporting in aesthetics.

There were 200 delegates at the event, who were able to join in-person or virtually. Delegates joined from across the world, with a large number coming to the event from South America. Some of the speakers included South Korean anatomist Professor Hee-Jin Kim, Australian plastic surgeon Dr Tim Papadopoulos, dermatologist Dr Ashraf Badawi from Egypt and Dutch dermatologist Dr Peter Velthuis.

Day one featured presentations and hands-on training in anatomy and ultrasound imaging with cadaver dissections on all areas of the face, neck, and even the hands and buttocks.

On day two, there were talks on regenerative medicine, filler science, body injectables, skin science, threads, energy-based devices, and complications discussions. On the third day, the GAA Summit took place, which explored ethics and safety in aesthetics, new technologies entering the market, evidence-based skincare and other discussions.

Following the conference, Mr Humzah said, “We believe that SEASON is a new way forward in aesthetic science and safety. Over the three days, we offered training and education from a stellar global faculty with academic and scientific priorities so that delegates could learn from experts with no hidden commercial conflicts of interest. Thank you to all the faculty, colleagues and friends new and old who made it all possible!”

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