Trial reveals scarring reduction after use of topical cream

18 Jun 2021

A clinical trial has indicated that the use of Science of Skin’s topical treatment, Solution for Scars, improves scarring before surgery.

The trial, conducted by Professor Ardeshir Bayat and plastic surgeon Mr Douglas McGeorge, compared the effect of scar cream when applied to skin pre- and post- surgery on a selection of volunteers.

The eight-week randomised clinical trial looked at 40 healthy volunteers; half of which applied the cream pre-injury, with the rest applying it either immediately or 14 days post injury. The trial indicated that Solution for Scars, when applied to the skin pre-surgery, reduced the thickness and redness of scars and increased pliability and hydration.

Professor Bayat explained that the Solution for Scars had a bigger impact when applied a week in advance of surgery. The cream led to a reduction in wound healing time and the risk of inflammatory hyperpigmentation resulting in a significant reduction in the appearance of the scar.

The product contains green tea phytochemical which helps to combat the thickening and redness that contributes to the prominence of scars, magnolia bark an anti-inflammatory which tones down the redness of scarring, pheohydrane to moisturise and support the skin’s structure and vitamin E to protect the skin allowing the skin’s natural oils to be retained.

Professor Bayat commented, “By applying Solution for Scars pre-surgery, patients can start to prepare their skin before any incision is made. The cream is effectively taking out the mast cells which the body produces after injury, and which can cause inflammation and serious scarring before the wound even has a chance to start healing properly.” 


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