WOW Fusion launches

11 Mar 2019

Skincare brand WOW Facial Ltd, has launched a new needling device, the WOW Fusion.

The device features a small glass vial that the needle head screws onto. The needle head has 20 titanium gold-plated needles containing a spiral groove, which the company explains helps the WOW Fusion serum, which is placed in the vial, flow down the needle and into the skin.

WOW Facial Ltd claims that the use of the device paired with the WOW Fusion serum, which is 0.55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6% succinic acid, can be used alone or in conjunction with other mesotherapy solutions to treat dehydrated skin, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, excessive oil productive and fine lines and wrinkles.

Claire Williams, sales and marketing director said, “This is a very exciting time for WOW Facial Ltd and I am delighted to be launching this needling device. I look forward to developing the brand and seeing what the future holds.”


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