ZENii launches new supplement

14 Jan 2020

Skincare and supplement company ZENii has launched a new supplement called ProLean.

The company explains that the supplement is specifically formulated for weight loss, portion control and slimming support.

ProLean contains natural glucomannan (konjac root) in a 3000mg daily dose and zinc, which contributes to normal carbohydrate metabolism and the normal metabolism of fatty acids, states ZENii.

Aesthetic practitioner Dr Johanna Ward, founder of ZENii, said, “The launch of ProLean takes ZENii firmly into the weight loss market. For aesthetic clinicians, ProLean is a safe and natural supplement that will complement any weight loss, body contouring or fat freezing treatment. Body contouring results will always look more dramatic and satisfactory when coupled with natural weight loss.”

She added, “ProLean doesn’t interfere with the body’s endocrine, thermal or immune systems like lots of other weight loss products. Instead, it simply gives mechanistic portion control in a safe and effective way. We see ProLean as a total game changer and a very helpful clinically evidenced tool for those who overeat.”


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