Dr Levy Switzerland unveils new pigment drops

According to the company, the product helps to address pigmentation disorders for all skin types, ethnicities and genders. The drops contain antioxidant OX8 complex, a blend of eight alpine plant extracts from organic and fairtrade harvested plants from the Swiss Alps. These plant extracts help to combat oxidation capabilities, notes the company.

Other ingredients include red algae oligosaccharide to slow down melanin production and control UV-induced darkening; tranexamic acid to discourage hyperpigmentation by limiting melanin production; niacinamide to prevent pigmentation; and concentrated vitamin C to reduce the intensity of age and pigment spots causing pigmentation.

Dr Phillip Levy, founder of Dr Levy Switzerland, commented, “The Pigment Control Drops were designed to reinvent anti-pigmentation care on three levels: the formula, the experience and the protocol.

“The formula has more
than 85% natural-origin ingredients, uniquely combining tranexamic acid, vitamin
C, niacinamide and a unique pigment-blocking algae extract. A few drops before,
or with, a serum, and patients can get the full benefits and results of this
medi-luxe elixir.”    

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