New AquaFirmeXS launches to help skin conditions

The company explains that the technology aims to treat a variety of concerns from pigmentation, blemishes and textual irregularities, to dullness, dehydration and hair and scalp health.

AquaFirmeXS uses three handpieces – EVO, Exo2 and ULTRA. The EVO handpiece combines a conical evacuation with a proprietary micro-cupping technology to remove debris from the skin. The Exo2 handpiece incorporates a vibrating massage to promote blood flow and increase circulation to the area. The ULTRA handpiece assists in delivering the serums deeper to help improve absorption by the skin.

Director at AMP, Martyn Roe, commented, “I am really excited to launch the AquaFirmeXS. With our background, we can safely say that this truly is the next generation of hydrating facial treatments. The serums delivered are uniquely chemical-free and vegan friendly, designed by the scientists behind our plant-derived exosomes – EXO|E – and using Ayurvedic principles to deliver long-lasting targeted results. The ULTRA handpiece can also be used to deliver EXO|E more deeply into the skin without any patient discomfort, and our focused exosome treatment DE|RIVE into the scalp, which is producing fantastic results even in patients with alopecia!”

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