SPONSORED: 60 seconds with Patrick Johnson

By Shannon Kilgariff / 10 Sep 2019

Aesthetics spends 60 seconds with CEO of Celluma Patrick Johnson.

What should practitioners know about the Celluma?

To a certain degree, there is a misperception of LED therapy in aesthetics. It’s often mistaken for a ‘poor man’s laser’, and nothing is further from the truth. In aesthetics, we insult vital tissue in order to illicit a healing response on the part of the body. Unfortunately, the insult also triggers an inflammatory response, which slows the body’s healing abilities. So, we end up working at cross purposes. This is really when the Celluma becomes a valuable silver bullet.

Using the Celluma following any mildly or deeply ablative procedure will serve not only to reduce the inflammatory reaction, but also provide the body with additional energy to heal the tissue. The Celluma is an ideal adjunct to almost any aesthetic treatment as a stand-alone service or in a series for antiageing, acne or tissue repair.

What kind of training is required and available?

The Celluma is a Class IIa medical device that can be easily used by anyone on staff. Smaller Celluma Panels may be resold to patients for maintenance between appointments. The Celluma is very safe and very easy to use. Having said that, we offer Level 4-certified training in the UK for Celluma practitioners. The course not only covers the use and application of the Celluma, but also teaches the biochemistry and optical physics involved for optimal delivery of low-level light therapy. Course attendees will come away fully educated about the clinical benefits with protocols for immediate integration into practice.

What’s in the pipe line for Celluma?

We are very excited to introduce our newest additions, the Celluma DELUX and DELUX XL to the Celluma series of light therapy devices. These two models are the first ever portable, space-saving, full-body LED devices. The Celluma DELUX and Celluma DELUX XL, which hang on the back of a door when not in use, offers all the advantages of a light therapy bed without the space requirement or exorbitant price tag.

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