Supporting Charities Through COVID-19

16 Dec 2020

How you can help Facing the World after their toughest year yet

It’s been a tough year for charities. Katrin Kandel, voluntary CEO of Facing the Word, explains, “With the COVID-19 pandemic taking over 2020, most charitable donations have rightly gone to supporting the NHS and those in need. But unfortunately there are so many causes missing out that still desperately need your support.” For Facing the World, plans for international fellowships have been put on hold until normal travel resumes. Kandal says, “While we are sad not to be welcoming our Vietnamese colleagues on their fellowship visits to the UK, US and Canada, we are extremely proud that clinics and life-changing surgeries are continuing safely and with great success in Vietnam for our patients in greatest need.” Yet donations are still needed to fund these operations and continue to train new doctors in the skills needed to treat facial differences, which effect thousands of children in the country every day.

Donate £10 this Christmas and tag @aestheticsjournaluk on Instagram so we can give our thanks and spread the message!

That’s why, this Christmas, we’re asking you to make a £10 donation to Facing the World. Tag @aestheticsjournaluk and @ftw_charity on Instagram when you’re done so we can reshare and spread the message!

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