ACE Group World releases Official Emergency Kit

25 Oct 2021

The Aesthetics Complications Expert (ACE) Group World has produced an Official Emergency Kit for aesthetic complications.

The group explains that the kit contains everything required in the event of a dermal filler complication which needs immediate management, along with guidelines and recommendations for how to use it.

Inside, the kit has prescription items, such as adrenaline and hyaluronidase, but does not include items that should be prescribed later, such as antibiotics. The products are presented in a hard plastic case and are safely stored in laser-cut foam, explains the ACE Group World.

Dr Martyn King, medical director of the ACE Group World, said, “The ACE Group World appreciates the stress and anxieties that practitioners experience when an urgent complication occurs, and having the reassurance that they have the right tools at hand to manage these should help to reduce some of these anxieties. It is essential to have appropriate medicines and consumables at hand to deal with an urgent and immediate complication and to demonstrate ongoing CPD in complications management.”

The Official Emergency Kit is exclusively available via Cosmedic Pharmacy and can be obtained by prescribing practitioners.


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