Advertorial: Combination is Key

19 Aug 2021

Aesthetic nurse Anna Gunning explains how you can be one step ahead of the game and invest in devices for optimum results

Now having more than 16 years of full-time experience in aesthetic medicine, I can say my business has grown and been successful because I diversified into devices early on to provide for my patients’ needs. Results for my patients has been at the forefront of my business ethos and has its own unique importance and a place in each of my three clinics. My focus has been to retain my patients under one umbrella, rather than seeing them go elsewhere. I have always sought the very best technology available as my reputation is based on results and satisfied patients.

The growth of non-surgical versus surgery is more popular than ever. It is also great that more people are breaking the ‘taboo’ and talking about non-invasive treatments, including high profile names like Tess Daly. Therefore, positioning yourself to provide what patients want is only going to enhance your business revenue and secure your future as an aesthetic practitioner.

Skin tightening globally is the one of the most popular aesthetic requests and one of my patients’ main concerns either in preventing or treating, therefore I needed to provide this treatment. I have used radiofrequency devices for years but when I became aware of ultrasound energy and its ability to lift and tighten it was an easy decision to invest. Ultherapy is the gold standard for lifting and tightening, partly because it is the only device of its kind with visualisation technology so you can plan a customised treatment and see exactly where you deliver the therapy. It is a vital part of my clinic’s menu alongside all of my other devices. I invested in a second Ultherapy device last year because of the demand and the growth within this area.

Combination treatment for overall skin health is where you need to be for optimal clinical outcomes

I personally have always believed in a combination approach from the very beginning, and I started with both injectables and devices 16 years ago. My advice for clinics that want to offer optimum results and the ability to customise treatment protocols tailored to each patient is combination.

When deciding on a device to purchase, it is important to identify what type of patients and conditions are most common in your clinic. Then match the technology you invest in with your existing patient base.

For instance:

  • You are mainly providing injectables, and these patients would benefit from skin tightening on areas where you may not be able to achieve this look with injectables alone.
  • Your injectable patients are happy with their treatment outcomes and would be delighted if there was a once-a-year treatment to even further enhance the aesthetic outcome of their regime.

In both of these situations the Ultherapy device may be a good option, which provides lifting and tightening on the face, neck and décolletage. Ultherapy works by using micro-focused ultrasound to strengthen a deep foundation of collagen in the skin which, when used in a combination treatment plan, has proven to augment the outcome of injectable treatments.

The introduction of aesthetic devices into your clinic practice will retain your current database but will also attract a new patient base to your clinic. For example, it might be more appealing to those people who were initially more hesitant to try treatments with needles. Once you have successfully introduced a device to meet the needs of your current customers, you can grow and diversify your device and clinic to attract a range of patients.

If you have patients already and the need is there, then next make sure to buy a trusted and efficacious device from a company that provides good training and aftercare service. Ensure you look out for FDA clearance and CE certification. My experience with buying Ultherapy devices from Merz Aesthetics has been very positive and supportive right from the initial training, continued ongoing support, educational online webinars, on-demand training videos to provide a refresher at any time and local representatives to support any concerns.

Yes, investing in a device can be daunting, but if you have a loyal patient base who trust you that’s the first step. Injectables, as amazing as they are, do have their limitations. Providing a varied choice of treatments has also helped my clinic become a ‘one-stop’ clinic that can offer solutions to an array of skin concerns and our retention continues long term. I only use advanced FDA-cleared technology from the highly renowned suppliers in the industry. I have never looked back with any decision to diversify using devices and continue to be at the forefront of aesthetics in Ireland.


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