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21 Mar 2022

Integrating skincare into your patient’s treatment journey

At SkinCeuticals, our mission is to improve skin health. We provide advanced skincare backed by science, research and innovation. Centered around three main pillars: Prevent, Correct and Protect, our products work in synergy to provide effective results.

We believe that long-lasting comprehensive results are achieved though the combination of state-of-the-art clinical protocols, professional treatments and advanced homecare – and we believe the best results are integrated. Our Integrated Skincare programme is built around clinical procedures, offering homecare for pre-conditioning, post-treatment and daily use. The benefits are long-lasting results and healthier, youthful looking skin.


  • Combining clinical procedures with professional treatments and advanced home care delivers comprehensive results
  • Professional pre-conditioning and recovery post-treatment helps to reduce downtime and feelings of discomfort
  • Advanced home care aids in protecting results due to the additional benefits of antioxidants

Dr Ana Mansouri, aesthetic practitioner at Kat & Co, Birmingham:

“I am a firm advocate for the value of early integration of medical-grade skincare, particularly with my injectable cases. This is due to experiencing first-hand how this has transformed my practice, both from a business point of view and also by enhancing clinical outcomes. My approach to SkinCeuticals integrated skincare at Kat & Co is based around a simple ‘ABC + targeted treatment’ routine where I utilise vitamin A, sun Block and vitamin C to prepare my patients’ skin for any rejuvenating treatments. This is carried out for four to eight weeks pre-procedure, as well as for ongoing maintenance of results by optimising neocollagenesis in the longer term.

I also recommend adding targeted HA serums and ceramide-based moisturisers to support the maintenance process post-injectables in dry and mature skin types. For this purpose, my recommended product combination is the HA intensifier, as this has been shown to improve HA levels by up to 30% in just four weeks, paired with the Triple Lipid Restore to support the barrier function of the skin.”

SkinCeuticals Brand Background 

Born from decades of research, SkinCeuticals’ high potency formulas are proven to be absorbed optimally into the skin. Our mission is to improve skin health. Dedicated to this purpose, we make one simple promise – to provide advanced skincare backed by science. Made in the US, we provide complete skincare solutions recommended by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, medispas and other skincare professionals worldwide to both correct the appearance of the signs of ageing and help prevent future damage.

Contact SkinCeuticals

Speak to your SkinCeuticals representative for more information about the range. If you do not have a dedicated contact please email

C E Ferulic & Laser Treatments

C E Ferulic is a patented triple antioxidant serum that fights environmental aggressors caused by UV, IR-A and pollution. When used in combination with laser treatments, it is clinically proven to complement results and reduce downtime post non-ablative laser.

Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 & Retinoids

Triple Lipid Restore is an advanced corrective moisturiser that improves skin firmness, laxity, pore appearance and refined texture for a more radiant complexion. When used in combination with retinoids, it is clinically proven to significantly improve dryness and shorten retinoid adjustment period to one week.*2

Phyto Corrective Mask & Light Therapies

The Phyto Corrective Masque is an intensive treatment for soothing temporary skin reactivity caused by external triggers, replenishing moisture and reducing the sensation of heat. When used in combination with light therapies, it is clinically proven to reduce skin temperature immediately after procedure.*3

H.A. Intensifier & Injectables

The H.A. Intensifier is an advanced, corrective serum that is clinically proven to amplify the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels by up to 30%.4 When used in combination with injectables, it improves visible firmness and facial plumpness, complementing the in-clinic injectable treatment.


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