Advertorial: How to Get Your Patients Summer Ready

21 Apr 2021

Dr Selena Langdon shares her most popular pre-summer body treatment tips

Dr Selena Langdon is the founder of Berkshire Aesthetics and has featured in the Tatler Cosmetic Surgery Guide as a Top Doctor for body treatments for three years running.
Here, she shares her most popular pre-summer body treatment tips to help your aesthetic practice.

What treatments do patients look for in the run up to the summer?

It is an ideal time during the winter and spring for patients to start preparing their summer body. Many of us have been indoors and exercising less than we were pre-lockdown. Taking the opportunity now to target certain areas of the body ready for possible summer holidays with treatments such as Emsculpt or Emtone could really give your patients a boost to see results in time.

Patients are keen to address the buttock area, thighs, arms and abdomen, as we tend to expose them more during the summer months outdoors. Most want to feel confident when wearing shorts and beachwear rather than covering up in loungewear all the time. Commonly, cellulite is a major concern for lots of women and we are lucky to be able to offer an effective treatment that really improves the appearance. Men and women also want treatments that can tone their abdomens and firm their buttocks, especially after all those months we have been sat at our desks on Zoom!

Is there anything that can really help with cellulite?

Cellulite has often been seen as a difficult condition to treat. The more invasive options involve downtime, bruising and possible scarring which many patients are not keen to try. With Emtone, the system allows us to perform a very effective treatment that targets all five components of cellulite with no downtime. Emtone is a non-invasive treatment for cellulite and loose skin that combines both monopolar radiofrequency with targeted pressure energy, making it the first and only energy-based device that simultaneously delivers thermal and mechanical energy. This enables us to treat the root causes of cellulite by improving blood flow, disrupting fibrous bands that cause dimples, eliminating fat cells, resulting in better lymphatic drainage and improving skin elasticity by increasing collagen and elastin. Patients report improvements even after a single treatment and results typically continue to improve over the next few months.

How does EMSCULPT differ from other muscle stimulation systems?

Emsculpt really stands out as the clear market leader for me when it comes to combined muscle building and fat reduction. I know my patients are in safe hands with Emsculpt as it has been extensively peer-reviewed with ongoing new research continuously published about the technology. Efficacy and safety are extremely important to me, and the system has been used worldwide for many years. Patients have fed back that the procedure feels so much more powerful with rapid results that other systems struggle to deliver. Emsculpt is FDA cleared to help patients build muscle and sculpt the body using high intensity focussed electromagnetic energy (HIFEM).

The procedure causes thousands of muscle contractions which improve the tone and strength of your muscles, increasing muscle mass by an average of 16%. In addition, multiple clinical studies on Emsculpt show an average of 19% fat reduction. Emsculpt allows me to deliver real results to my patients with no downtime.

How do you combine body treatments for best results?

The key to achieving optimal results for my patients is to combine treatment modalities. There is never a one size fits all approach. I encourage my patients to follow a healthy lifestyle with a sensible diet and exercise, and to combine this with a bespoke treatment programme that addresses their body concerns. I am lucky to have several BTL technologies in my clinic, some of which include Emtone, Emsculpt and Exilis Ultra. This means I can address not only muscle tone, cellulite and loose skin, but also stubborn pockets of fat. By targeting skin, muscle and fat, I can offer patients a complete package of treatment that gives a fully holistic approach.

How long do the results last?

With any energy-based system, I always emphasise that ongoing lifestyle and maintenance treatments play an important role in achieving long-lasting results. I believe in setting realistic expectations and never promise permanent outcomes. Patients appreciate my honesty and know that we work with them in partnership to take care of them by setting out a maintenance schedule. I usually advise retreating with Emtone yearly for the best results. In terms of Emsculpt, patients may choose to top up every six months depending on the degree of muscle toning they are looking to achieve, and of course they can top up sooner if they wish to do so.

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