Advertorial: Post-lockdown Body Contouring

08 Nov 2021

Cynosure unveils its radiofrequency applicator FlexSure

As clinics bounce back from COVID-19 lockdowns, practitioners are reporting a surge in consumer demand for highly effective, quick and easy body-contouring treatments to help rehabilitate, reshape and strengthen key areas which may have been affected by weight gain or lack of exercise during lockdown. In addition, post-COVID-19 restrictions mean that ultrahygienic, single-use or bespoke clinic treatments are a must for the future. With this in mind, global energy-based aesthetic device manufacturer Cynosure is proud to unveil FlexSure – the world’s first wrappable radiofrequency (RF) applicator, which can be used with its best-in-class TempSure 300-watt platform for flexible, hands-free, non-invasive RF treatments for all skin types. With its unique peel-and-stick single-use applicators, the body-boosting FlexSure treatment delivers deep tissue heating to multiple body parts, including the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, buttocks, thighs and above the knees.    

FlexSure conforms to the unique anatomy of each patient, delivering a comfortable and gentle treatment that is safe for all skin types

Customisable, rapid treatments

Available in multiple applicator sizes, each equipped with six customisable zones and real-time temperature-sensing capabilities, the FlexSure device allows practitioners to perform consistent, fast and effective treatments in just 15 minutes per body area. Unlike some other RF devices which have hard and rigid applicators, FlexSure conforms to the unique anatomy of each patient, delivering a comfortable and gentle treatment that is safe for all skin types, without BMI restrictions. The FlexSure customised Guided User Interface features both a Standard and Advanced mode, giving practitioners the option to customise each of the six applicator zones to a specific temperature based on the patient’s needs, offering varying levels of control for maximum efficiency. A minimum of three sessions per treatment area is recommended for optimal results.

FlexSure is the latest addition to the innovative TempSure platform which also includes Envi for fine lines and wrinkles, Firm for tissue heating over larger areas and temporary reduction of cellulite, Vitalia for women’s wellness and surgical for cutting and coagulation across a breadth of surgical applications. Cynosure is proud to deliver excellence in the field of RF technology demonstrated with over 50 years of RF experience, products in more than 100 countries worldwide and over 100 clinical publications.


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