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12 Apr 2021

Meet your potential – the evolution of body contouring

The body is becoming the new face.1 With 79% of patients feeling as though they have excess fat in areas of their body or submental region,1 more and more will be seeking treatment so it’s a patient demand you simply can’t ignore.2 With top patient concerns being related to the abdomen, flanks and inner thighs,3 aesthetic practitioners need to find effective solutions that will give patients notable results in the areas that matter most, while also being the best fit for their business.

CoolSculpting is the world’s leading body contouring treatment designed to reduce stubborn fat,4 while preserving the skin and surrounding tissue.5 To date, over eight million treatment cycles have been completed across the globe.6 And now, after more than 10 years of successful results,7,8 Allergan Aesthetics has launched its next generation device – CoolSculpting Elite – offering a whole new experience for patients and practitioners.9

How CoolSculpting® works

Often called ‘fat freezing’ CoolSculpting® is a cryolipolysis treatment that cools subcutaneous fat cells to temperatures that trigger apoptosis, whilst maintaining the integrity of the surrounding tissue.5 Following treatment, the body’s immune system naturally processes the fat and removes the dead cells, and delivers a reduction of up to 27%.18,20 CoolSculpting® has been studied in the greatest number of patients, compared with other non-surgical fat reduction devices, and its efficacy is evidenced in more than 60 peer-reviewed publications to date.

A design made by YOU

CoolSculpting Elite was developed following an extensive user insight study, combined with Allergan Aesthetics’ 20 years of R&D experience.7,10 Jarred Evans, managing director of PDR, a design and innovation agency based in the UK, worked closely with the R&D teams at Allergan Aesthetics in the US to help define and design the next generation of the CoolSculpting system. Evans explains, “Allergan Aesthetics knew they needed to make the best even better.4 While there had been a continuation in developing a string of effective new applicators and with that new treatment areas, there was an opportunity to take a step back and develop a whole new technology platform and approach from the ground up.7,11 To do this, we visited clinics, worked alongside practitioners and interviewed patients and customers from around the world in depth. These insights and understandings led to us being able to develop a significant pipeline of new innovations and opportunities.”10

As such, the whole design philosophy behind the Elite system is ‘Designed by You’, says Evans, adding, “The Elite design programme has been something that right from its very conception, sought the views, perspectives and practical realities of real users and patients. The data we collected drove the specification for the new design, from its aesthetics to its user interface, and allowed design engineering work to stay focused on the customer and patient needs above all else.”10

Introducing the newest features

According to Maria Pierides, Director, Body Contouring, Allergan Aesthetics, each individual innovation of the CoolSculpting Elite is significant, but together they create a system that is far easier to store, clean, maintain and use.9 “Body contouring has evolved and as category creators, so have we.12 We have built on our established heritage and expertise in this area and added in new capabilities to create CoolSculpting Elite.7 We have also listened to our customers and considered every detail of the new system to give every practice and their patients an improved experience.”10

Powered for duality:

The Elite has been reengineered with a more powerful chiller to deliver reliable cooling consistency, enabling simultaneous dual applicator treatment.9,13 Use of dual applicators provides the ability to conduct twice the number of treatments in the same amount of time.9,14

New applicator toolkit:

The new C-shaped cups are engineered to complement the body’s natural curves, maximising your contouring capabilities, and to improve fit and comfort during tissue draw.9,15,16 Lightweight and detachable from the umbilical,9,15 the seven applicators have up to 18% larger cooling surfaces to treat a wide variety of body areas,15 and an improved cooling distribution to treat a greater percentage of targeted tissue.17

Streamlined workflow:

The new universal smart card is simplified to work across the full applicator family, giving you more flexibility.9 The applicators have fewer parts for a faster set up12 and are designed for easier posttreatment applicator clean-up.9

Medical director of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic Dr Tracy Mountford says…

Dr Tracy Mountford 

There is huge growth in the popularity of body contouring amongst patients and there’s a real thirst for nonsurgical solutions that work. They say that the ‘body is the new face’ and I think this is because people are now investing more in their body.1 As technology is becoming so effective, practitioners have the ability to refine and define the shape of the body non-surgically.9,18

I’ve been using CoolSculpting® for almost nine years and I believe it is a non-surgical solution that is an alternative option to surgery, for those who want to sculpt and contour their shape,9 with less downtime.19

I think the newly evolved CoolSculpting® Elite holds great potential in enhancing both our patients’ needs and the benefits in our practice. The biggest benefit is that you no longer need two machines to treat two areas!9,14

The dual applicators enable twice the number of treatments in the same amount of time – and changing the applicator head is smoother and quicker – offering a better and more efficient treatment experience to even more of our patients.9,15,16

The fact that it’s a smaller, slicker, more streamlined piece of equipment with a beautiful aesthetic means it fits well within the clinic and will really benefit those with space restraints.9,12 The increased ease of use of CoolSculpting® within our clinic means we can service our patients in a more optimised way.9,12,14,15

  Results are shown 27 weeks after the first CoolSculpting session. The patient received two treatment cycles using the CoolMini applicator on the submental region. There is no additional clinical information for treating the submental region in more than two sessions.*


Results are shown 17 weeks after the second CoolSculpting session (27 weeks after the first CoolSculpting session). The patient received a total of four treatment cycles using the CoolAdvantage applicator on the lower and mid abdomen, lower bra and flanks.*

*Patients were treated using the original CoolSculpting system

Make the most of CoolSculpting

Allergan Aesthetics with CoolSculpting Elite continue to provide a comprehensive level of support to patients and clinics as with the original device.9,12

Safety: the CoolSculpting Elite system still utilises the patented Freeze Detect and CoolControl to monitor tissue during cooling to optimise patient outcomes.9

Partnership: Allergan Aesthetics is committed to making CoolSculpting a success for clinics and provide more than the system alone. To learn more about how CoolSculpting Elite can benefit your practice, visit

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