Advertorial: The EMSCULPT Revolution in Aesthetic Body Shaping

08 Jan 2021

Dr Rita Rakus and Dr Tracy Mountford share their experiences using EMSCULPT and why they are confident to offer it to their patients


Since its launch in 2018, EMSCULPT, from leading aesthetic device manufacturer BTL, has led the field in delivering both muscle increase and fat reduction in a single procedure. Projecting high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM®) waves deep into the tissue to reach whole muscle groups together, for example on abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs, treatments are fast and cost effective. The non-invasive HIFEM technology in EMSCULPT induces approximately 20,000 forced muscle contractions per 30-minute session.

These ‘supramaximal’ contractions are not normally achievable through voluntary muscle action and result in muscle hypertrophy (growth) and hyperplasia (multiplication of myofibers). The intensity and duration of these supramaximal muscle contractions triggers cascaded lipolysis and fat cell apoptosis.1

Dr Rita Rakus says, “Prior to EMSCULPT, we only had machines targeting fat or skin. When we introduced EMSCULPT, we observed improved results immediately by treating muscle and fat together, and we were able to treat a wider BMI range. We could also treat our slimmer and more athletic patients with a small to moderate amount of fat who also wanted to get fitter. It also brought more men to the clinic, and the studies showing visceral fat improvement make it great for our male clients. The great thing also is that this is an intense, but comfortable treatment with no side effects.”

Dr Tracy Mountford adds, “Our clinic has been a dedicated user of CoolSculpting for the last seven years, achieving excellent results, so it may be questioned why we have invested in EMSCULPT?” There is no doubt EMSCULPT is the leading system in the ‘muscle + fat’ treatment space. It is very well backed by clinical research and published studies (20 to date), which for me is key in giving me confidence to offer this to my patients. EMSCULPT has shown consistently impressive results and is used by leading physicians worldwide. It also has high level of brand recognition amongst the public, which is the sign of a leading technology that I am happy to put my name behind, in striving for optimal patient outcomes.”

Launching the new EMSCULPT Neo

Autumn 2020 saw BTL launch the latest EMSCULPT system – the EMSCULPT Neo, with the addition of radiofrequency (RF) delivered simultaneously with the HIFEM® technology to produce even more impressive results for both muscle growth and fat layer reduction.

This unique combination of RF + HIFEM is an engineering breakthrough and opens up treatment to higher BMI patients than previously possible.2 The first two systems delivered in the UK were to the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic and Dr Mountford’s Cosmetic Skin Care London clinic.

Dr Rakus says, “I have been working with BTL for 13 years and I find they always have more studies than anyone else. One of their original areas of expertise over many years is RF and they have combined this expertise with their industry leading HIFEM technology to create EMSCULPT Neo. Having EMSCULPT Neo gives us even more impressive results for fat reduction and muscle growth and we also expect to see significant skin tightening as well.”

Dr Mountford says, “We were really excited to launch EMSCULPT Neo in our London clinic. We had been very impressed with EMSCULPT in the efficacy and consistency of results and we love that such a wide range of body areas, patient body shapes on both male and female patients can be treated with no downtime. Body contouring is about three predominant tissue layers – muscle, fat and skin. Some patients need to address just one of these issues, but most need to address two or three. With EMSCULPT Neo technology, we can address all three of these layers with one device in the same 30-minute treatment. EMSCULPT Neo is now the industry benchmark for reduction in fat layer, muscle growth and strengthening, with more impressive figures than even stand-alone noninvasive technologies.”

In EMSCULPT Neo, the RF heating of the muscles allows for a more intense workout whilst the fat is targeted from two directions – from the RF heating and also from the supramaximal muscle activity. This synergistic effect results in more fat reduction and more muscle growth than any single procedure.

Upon launch, seven clinical studies had already been completed supporting an average of 30% fat reduction and 25% increase in muscle mass from a course of four weekly treatments.2,3 In addition, an average reduction in abdominal separation (diastasis recti) of 18.8% and an average 5.9cm circumferential reduction was shown.2


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