Advice released on textured surface breast implants

31 Oct 2019

An article published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum, authored by McGuire et al., has developed a series of questions and answers that plastic surgeons can use in the management of asymptomatic patients with textures surface breast implants.

A total of nine questions are represented and discuss topics such as how to manage an asymptomatic patient with a textured implant who is concerned about developing ALCL and if an asymptomatic patient does elect to have their implants removed/replaced whether a total or partial capsulectomy required, among other points.

"As a surgeon committed to the safety of my patients, full informed consent on breast implants is my priority," said Mr Foad Nahai, professor of Plastic Surgery Emory Atlanta and editor in chief. "As editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal and Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum we will continue to publish peer-reviewed, data-driven scientific manuscripts to further our collective understanding of the risks and benefits of breast implants," he explained.

Co-author and plastic surgeon Ms Melinda Haws added, "We all want to give our patients the best information available and in consensus from the experts. Dr Patricia McGuire not only saw a need for this, but spearheaded the effort to create a straight-forward document for patients and surgeons in dealing with this issue. I am honoured to be included in this group of experts and am very proud of what was created."     


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