Aliaxin Ego Lips Global masterclass, Milan

21 Apr 2022

Distributor and training provider of the IBSA Derma portfolio in the UK and Ireland, HA-Derma, invited selected practitioners to attend the Aliaxin Ego Lips Global masterclass in Milan, Italy.

Practitioners from the UK, Chile, Columbia, Spain, Polane, Lebanon, Holland, Greece, Portugal, Turkey and the UAE were given a warm welcome by head of medical affairs in IBSA, Gilberto Bellia.

The first day was dedicated to an introduction to IBSA Derma and their product portfolio. Aesthetic practitioners Dr Beatriz Molina, Dr Riccardo Forte and Dr Giorgio Aringhieri introduced ‘Aliaxin Ego Lips’ concept, advised on communication and assessment of the lips and discussed new combination protocols.

The second day continued with the science, technical features and the patented Hydrolift technology and clinical experience with Aliaxin SR.

The theory presentations were complemented by live demonstrations.      


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