APG Tech introduces Golden RF treatment

25 Sep 2023

Aesthetic device company APG Tech has introduced a new radiofrequency technology, Golden RF.

According to the company, the device features four gold-plated applicators designed for use across the face and body. APG Tech notes that gold has very high transmission performance with no oxidation, creating personalised treatment possibilities with zero downtime.

The applicators include XS FACE for precision in delicate areas like the eyes and lips, FACE for all other face and neck treatments, BODY for all areas of the body and MATRIX ADVANCED TIP which is geared towards thinner skin by targeting more superficial layers of the epidermis.

Andrea O’Donnell, head of education at Xpert Professional, said, “Unlock the power of radiant transformation with our cutting-edge Radio Frequency machine by APG Tech. Featuring 24K Gold electrodes, resistive mode and hexapolar radiofrequency, it reignites skin’s vitality by addressing skin laxity, improving texture and stimulating deep hydration within the skin. This is a real opportunity for practitioners and clinics to elevate their patients’ beauty journeys with the newest addition to the APG Tech range.”

APG Tech will be exhibiting at CCR on October 19-20 at ExCeL, London. Click the link to register for free here


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