ASA warns against misleading vitamin C marketing

19 Nov 2021

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned skincare companies against misleading liposomal vitamin C marketing in a new ruling.

The ruling is due to a detailed investigation by the ASA into supplement brand YourZooki due to the liposomal claims for Vitamin C Zooki. The committee found that the YourZooki claims of a ‘liposomal’ delivery system were misleading and unsubstantiated.

The claims were deemed to have breached the Non-broadcast Advertising Direct and Promotional Marketing (CAP) Code, and in future, the company must not refer to ‘liposomal vitamin C’ or make similar claims unless they hold suitable evidence to substantiate the claim.

Director of Abundance and Health Tim Orchard, the distributor and retailer of Altrient liposomal health and beauty supplement brand, commented, “We are grateful that the ASA has taken this matter seriously and completed a thorough investigation. We believe that this ruling will force the remaining brands who are falsely marketing their products as liposomal to remove their liposomal claims for the benefit of consumers and true liposomal producers.”

YourZooki has stated, “We have co-operated fully with the ASA following an initial request to substantiate our liposomal claims and have supplied all the necessary evidence for review, to both the ASA and the Laboratory of the Government Chemist. This includes information on our GMP and FDA-certified manufacturing processes, product composition and particle analysis. We’re confident this research will move the supplements market forward with regards to liposomal testing, and we will continue working alongside independent scientific experts to review such techniques in the future.”


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