Candela launches the Frax Pro system

24 Mar 2021

Aesthetic device company Candela has introduced a new diode laser system which is designed to treat acne scars, surgical scars, striae and actinic keratosis.

The company explains that the Frax Pro is the first platform featuring dual-depth skin resurfacing with both the Frax 1550 and the Frax 1940 applicators. The two modalities are designed to target different skin layers, aiming to stimulate collagen growth.

According to Candela, the Frax 1940 handpiece delivers a 1940 nm wavelength laser beam for a shallow, epidermal approach, with focal reach extending to approximately 200μm in depth. The 1550 nm wavelength of the Frax 1550 handpiece penetrates deeper, with histological analysis showing up to 800μm penetration.

Dr Jill Waibel, board-certified dermatologist and MD of the Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute, commented, “With use of both applicators achieving dual depth resurfacing, we saw a complementary effect. Additionally, patients treated in our clinic were extremely pleased with new Frax 1940 treatment results. The outcomes clearly demonstrated intended results of skin resurfacing with improvement in both textural irregularities and skin tone.”


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