Candela Vascular Day, Amsterdam

25 May 2019

Practitioners met at the Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra Department of Dermatology in the Netherlands on May 18 to learn about the latest developments in laser technologies for vascular conditions from device manufacturer, Candela.

Delegates were welcomed by Hamish McNair, director of clinical education EMEA at Candela, who introduced the day’s guest speakers, dermatologist Dr Albert Wolkerstorfer, from the Netherlands, dermatologist Professor Peter Bjerring from Denmark and UK-based consultant dermatologist Dr Firas Al-Niaimi. Perry Tomasetti, senior director of medical aesthetics for global business unit at Candela, then enlightened delegates on Candela’s journey from its early beginnings in pulsed dye laser (PDL) technology in 1970 to present, with the launch of its newest technology, the Vbeam Prima PDL and Nd:YAG platform.

Dr Wolkerstorfer followed with a presentation on vascular indications, showcasing the types of results that can be achieved using lasers on capillary malformations such as port wine stains (PWS), highlighting the importance of treating patients as early as possible.

Dr Al-Niaimi, who was the first to use the new Vbeam Prima in Europe, focussed his presentation on his experiences using the device. He said, “What excites me is the versatility and the choices I can provide to my patients with having the Vbeam Prima. One of the key mistakes that practitioners make is to rely on a standard set of parameters to treat patients with the same pathological condition as there are huge verities between patients. The new platform has a larger spot size, which allows us to reach deeper targets, and longer pulse durations, which brings more efficient energy at different skin depths. It’s important for practitioners to use these combinations in the right way.”

The vascular theme continued with Professor Bjerring exploring the use of IPL technology for effective treatment. He said, “In my experience the Nordlys Ellipse IPL is a very effective device for the treatment of nearly all types of skin conditions with a pathological vascular complaint.”

Following lunch, Dr Al-Niaimi and Dr Wolkerstorfer provided a literature review presentation, highlighting studies around laser efficacy for certain conditions and discussed and debated their findings with the audience.

Speakers then invited delegates to view the Vbeam Prima and Ellipse devices and explained the mechanisms behind their use in practice. A round table discussion then followed, where audience members were engaged in discussions around the efficacy and use of PDL, IPL and Nd:YAG as well as CO2 lasers.

Attendees were then invited to attend a networking dinner at the QO Amsterdam hotel to discuss the learnings of the day and share ideas.

Tim Stevens, product manager for EMEA at Candela, said the event was a huge success. “Today was a really great opportunity for our customers and doctors to come and learn from the biggest experts in the field about the vascular applications of our products. We got great feedback from our customers and one of the best things about it was that we had a really good forum for discussion with some of the greatest minds about vascular issues and applications of our new and existing technologies. It was also the first time we have ever parallel presented both the Vbeam Prima and the Nordlys Ellipse IPL together so physicians can really think about what platform is best for their practice and patients,” he concluded. 

To watch a video of the highlights, click below.


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