CellDerma debuts youth restoring product in Mayfair

09 Nov 2022

Skincare company CellDerma released its new Youth Restore peptide and growth factor serum at an exclusive launch in Mayfair on October 20.

At the AllBright Private Members Club in Mayfair, London, the company provided guests with canapes, themed cocktails and CellDerma facials in celebration of the launch, alongside a talk from aesthetic practitioner and founder of CellDerma Dr Dev Patel on the science behind growth factors.

Dr Patel explained, “Growth factors are made by our stem cells to repair and regenerate cells that have been damaged through ageing or other factors such as trauma and UV

Radiation. As we get older, the body’s natural production of growth factors slows down due to our cells making negligible amounts. This means we start seeing the manifestation of ageing cells from as early as our mid to late 20s.”

According to the company, the growth factors in Youth Restore help stimulate new collagen synthesis, in turn addressing fine lines, wrinkles and age spots, and helping overall skin texture by improving plumpness and brightness.

Lucy Dodd, senior marketing executive at CellDerma, said, “Our VIP guests from the UK press were treated to a stunning afternoon retreat in Mayfair to celebrate the official launch of CellDerma Youth Restore. Our founder Dr Dev Patel had the entire room captivated, and our guests left the event with a sound understanding of the science behind Youth Restore, including how growth factors can positively impact cellular regeneration.”

She added, “With this level of knowledge, we are confident that the benefits of our peptide and growth factor antiageing serum will soon storm the market. Youth Restore has been tipped to shake up the industry in 2023, and we can’t wait for you to see why!”


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