Clinogen Laboratories releases acne trio

02 Jul 2019

UK biotech company, Clinogen Laboratories has launched a set of three products specifically designed for acne-prone skin.

According to the company, the products are designed to restore the skin to its normal state rather than masking the symptoms of the patient’s skin problems.

According to Clinogen Laboratories, the first product, the oxypeel foaming milk, exfoliates cells above the basal layer, loosening bonds that hold the dead skin cells, aiding with cell regeneration. The second product, the oxypeel treatment cream, is designed to regulate the oil and moisture balance in the skin, whilst healing the basal layer, and it also discourages microbial growth in seborrheic skin, the company claims. The third product, the Zap-It, is a pocket-size lotion that aims to reduce microbial growth and inflammation of blemishes.


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