Croma unveils new injectable

10 Sep 2021

Aesthetic manufacturer Croma-Pharma has launched a new polynucleotide based injectable named juvenus.

According to the company, the injectable has been developed for the treatment of various skin concerns of the face and body, including wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and skin tone. The aim is to hydrate the skin whilst restoring tissue elasticity, explains Croma.

juvenus is available in two concentrations: juvenus 2% which treats deeper wrinkles, such as superficial perioral wrinkles, cheek wrinkles and medium scars; and the juvenus 2.5% which can treat medium-deep wrinkles and larger areas of the body such as the neck, back of the hands, abdomen, cleavage, thighs and glutes, and deep/large scars.

Croma will market the product within its network of affiliated sales companies, including the UK, followed by other European markets via independent distribution partners.

Andreas Prinz, managing director at Croma, commented, “Croma always strives to bring exceptional products to the market that meet the growing demands of our customers. With juvenus, we can offer a new and safe injectable with an innovative mode of action that targets the signs of skin ageing.” 


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