Exploring Schlerotherapy at Windsor Conference

On May 23, the British Association of Schlerotherapists (BAS) held its annual meeting at Eton College Rowing Centre, Windsor.

The day began with refreshments on the idyllic Dorney Lake balcony before a short introduction by chair of the BAS, Dr Martyn King.

The morning sessions of the conference focused on leg ulcers including investigation and treatment options, followed by microsclerotherapy. Consultant vascular surgeon Mr Martin Claridge discussed the consultation process when assessing patients with telangiectases and thread veins.

He noted that it was important to examine veins in a well-lit room on an examination couch with a chaperone present. When consulting, he advised that practitioners should ask patients about medications and how their veins are affecting them, as well as any rare medical conditions which could contraindicate treatment.

The session continued with talks on which sclerosant to use and concentrations by Mr Philip Coleridge Smith, and a debate on the use of compression stockings by aesthetic nurse Gaynor Hughes.

After lunch, live demonstrations were shown of microschlerotherapy and foam sclerotherapy, before finishing the day off with modern phlebology practice. These talks consisted of marketing your practice, clinic management software and new techniques in the treatment of thread veins, as well as case presentations from members of the BAS discussing what other members would have done.

Mr Coleridge Smith,
consultant vascular surgeon and BAS president said, “We’ve had an excellent day
with a most receptive and enthusiastic audience. We’ve heard very good speakers
covering many different aspects of vein treatment, and the live demonstrations
have been great! We saw deep veins being injected – by me – then expert
sclerotherapists treating small veins. It has been fascinating to see the
variations in technique. Our next conference will be in May 2024, and we’d love
to come back to this very popular venue.”    

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