Hydrafacial partners with JLO Beauty for new booster

Aesthetic device company Hydrafacial has partnered with JLO Beauty to create a new booster.

The company explains that the JLO Beauty Booster is suitable for all skin types and will benefit three key areas – tightening, brightening and hydrating.

Ingredients within the booster include olive leaf extract to nourish the skin with hydration. Niacinamide has been included to deliver protective properties against environmental stressors and proprietary hydracomplex with ingredients like rice bran extract and hyaluronic acid to improve suppleness and plumpness. A fermented adaptogen blend, including snow mushrooms, beetroot and tiger grass, is also added to restore the skin’s glow, adds Hydrafacial.

The new booster can be added to all Hydrafacial and Hydrabody treatments to provide clinics with additional customisation for their clients and patients, the company notes.

Lauren Gibson, UK & Ireland country manager at
Hydrafacial, said, “A legendary role model, JLo is unapologetic about owning
her age. Whilst we can’t bottle her confidence, we can bottle her glow. That’s
why we are excited to expand our portfolio of personalised boosters in the UK
and Ireland through our partnership with JLO Beauty.”

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