Galderma announces agreement with Sofregen

20 Oct 2021

Pharmaceutical company Galderma is developing a new bio-stimulating filler based on silk technology.

Sofregen’s silk technology combines silk protein with a hyaluronic acid carrier. Under the agreement, both companies will perform specified co-development activities related to a portfolio of novel silk-based biostimulator fillers. Galderma will also have an exclusive option to acquire Sofregen’s Silk Voice, a silk-based bio-stimulating injectable implant, as well as assets associated with its aesthetics business, Galderma explains. 

This would grant Galderma all rights to the products being co-developed by the parties, as well as ownership of Sofregen’s platform in the aesthetic and dermatological field. Galderma and Sofregen plan to launch the development programmes for all products imminently, with both companies looking to get the collaboration underway and bring the products to market as soon as possible, Galderma notes.

Baldo Sforzolini, global head of research and development at Galderma, commented, “Combining Galderma’s capabilities and scale with Sofregen’s novel silk platform represents a watershed moment for the aesthetics market through the development of a new category of biostimulator fillers designed to make an impact for healthcare professionals and their patients.” 


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