Harley Academy to host Neauvia masterclasses

29 Nov 2021

Training provider Harley Academy will be holding injectable masterclasses sponsored by medical aesthetics company Neauvia.

The masterclasses are free for aesthetic practitioners to attend through the Harley Academy website and will be hosted in London, Manchester, Loughborough and Glasgow during December. 

Harley Academy trainers Dr Tristan Mehta, Dr Emily MacGregor and Dr Marcus Mehta will be demonstrating Neauvia’s products on live models. During the masterclass, the trainers will show Neauvia’s holistic approach to aesthetics and the HA-PEG dermal fillers.

Tatiana Pala, marketing manager at Neauvia, said, "This is the first edition of our Neauvia Masterclasses: Advanced Injectables Roadshow across the UK. If you are a medical aesthetics practitioner keen to be up-to-date with the latest innovations on the dermal fillers market, you cannot miss this opportunity!" 

You can register for the masterclasses here


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