Intraline appoints KOLs

04 Jan 2020

Intraline Medical Aesthetics has confirmed that aesthetic practitioners Dr Simon Zokaie and Dr Mark Holmes will be key opinion leaders for its portfolio of medical aesthetic products.

Terry Fraser, president of Intraline, said, “As we continue to grow as a company it is important that we stay aligned to our mission, one key component of that is being a leader in aesthetic education and resources for our clients and patients, partnering with such skilled and knowledgeable doctors allows us to continue to deliver on this promise. We are extremely thrilled to be working with both Simon and Mark.” 

Dr Zokaie added, “I’m very pleased to be appointed as a KOL and help support Intraline medically in their product range. I find Intraline very genuine, honest and ethical. I know they share the same passion as me for education and knowledge.” 


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