Ivanmed to launch Dermapen 4

17 Aug 2021

Aesthetic and medical supplier Ivanmed is launching the microneedling device Dermapen 4 at an event in London this month.

At the launch, Dermapen trainer Dr Andrew Christie will introduce the device, explain the new features and how these will transform microneedling treatments. Dr Christie will also present the MG meso-glide collection and how to incorporate this into the Dermapen 4 treatments.

The new features of the Dermapen 4 include a digital scar treatment setting, 3mm depth and anti-contamination management. It is also CE marked, adds Ivanmed.

Simon Ringer, sales director at Ivanmed, commented, “We are delighted to announce the launch of the Dermapen 4 in London this September. We are excited for practitioners to elevate their treatments and offer enhanced results when treating medical conditions.”

The launch will take place at The Doubletree Tower of London Hotel on September 11 and 12.  


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