Advertorial: Joining the Spherical Revolution

13 May 2022

Dr Johanna Ward outlines why she decided to join the Spherical Revolution with Prollenium and enjoys using the REVANESSE portfolio

Having launched in October 2021, REVANESSE from Prollenium is a relatively new name on the UK filler market, but it is now my go-to product. I have moved all my patients over to the brand and a key reason behind this was because of the product’s safety profile,1 I am now one of the most experienced doctors using the product in the UK.

New to the UK, but well established across the pond, Prollenium have two state-of-the art facilities based in Toronto, Canada. They are one of only five filler brands to receive US FDA approval, which I think is very important when choosing new products for patients.2

The REVANESSE collection has lovely clean products made from exclusively high molecular weight, HA which not only has anti-inflammatory properties but also knots with itself needing very low levels of BDDE to cross-link. The gels are shaped into spherical particles, which poses a number of benefits. I had already heard of the benefits of spheres in the body during my research and I was thrilled to see these benefits combined into a forward-thinking hyaluronic acid (HA) filler.

The body accepts spherical shapes well and spherical particles tend to have a reduced inflammatory profile compared to irregular shapes which can irritate the body.4 The particles also smoothly inject and integrate1into the tissue which has allowed me to achieve beautifully crisp results which look incredibly natural.

In the UK, we now have an almost entire adult population who have had COVID-19 or are vaccinated and there are more people than ever before who are on medication for auto-immune conditions, and this is having an impact on the way we treat patients.

One of the main problems I experienced with other filler brands was immune excitation. Filler was getting tickled up and excited in ways I had not experienced before the pandemic. None of us want complications, they can drag on for months and cause enormous amounts of stress for both the practitioner and the patient.

All fillers are foreign objects to the body, so the risk of adverse events is of course present for all brands. However, REVANESSE piqued my interest for its dedication to minimising this risk to the lowest possible.

At Prollenium they’ve researched into all HA technology, reverse engineering iconic brands to take benefits and learnings alongside innovating and pushing the boundaries further on HA technologies. The state-of-the-art manufacturing process yields an advanced benefit at every step. Many of which are complicated intricate details which greatly contribute to the perfect combination. One step which resonated with me when looking into the products was the dialysis stage where the gels sit for seven days. This is to remove any excess BDDE and impurities, but cleverly hydrates the gels simultaneously, so when injecting REVANESSE they’re close to their equilibrium and have a very low swell factor.1,5,6 My experience with the range so far has proven this point perfectly. I’m able to achieve precise results and my patients require less post-treatment management.

I think the glass syringe that REVANESSE uses is very pioneering too and I hope this practice will be adopted by the whole industry in the future. We know that toxins seep and leech out of plastics so storing dermal fillers in plastic syringes that can be used in injections into live tissue is counter intuitive. I don’t need a clinical study to know the potential harm that comes from plastics. It’s common sense. I much prefer using a product that has been stored in a glass syringe for my patients because I want them all to receive as pure a product as possible. Everything that REVANESSE has tried to do in terms of delivering a clean, pure filler resonates with me as a clinician. From the spherical particles to the clearance of any free BDDE, it all creates a better, superior and safer hyaluronic acid product that I as a clinician am happy to welcome into my practice. 

Dr Johanna Ward is an award-winning GP with a special interest in clinical dermatology and nutrition. She studied English at Oxford University before studying Medicine at Guys, Kings and St Thomas’ in London. She is an advanced cosmetic injector and laser practitioner and trains other doctors nationally and internationally. Dr Ward has incredible attention to detail and artistic flair that has earnt her a fiercely loyal client following.
Qual: BA (Hons) MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP, Dip Clin Derm (distinction)

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