Lynton to launch SmartXide Punto to UK market

25 May 2021

Laser and IPL manufacturer Lynton has expanded its SmartXide range with the launch of the SmartXide Punto to the UK market.

The laser has four emission modes including Deka's H-pulse and Coolpeel technology. Practitioners can select the power, density, pulse durations and shape to suit their patients' expectations explains Lynton.

According to the company, the device has expanded with Coolpeel: CO2. The CO2 resurfacing treatment allows the device to treat all skin types with CO2 delivering results and limited downtime. 

According to the company, the DOT Therapy is an effective technique for skin resurfacing. The CO2 laser emission takes place by Directly Observed Therapy (DOT), generating micro-areas of thermal damage alternating with healthy tissue. This technique aims to generate new collagen, contracture existing fibres, repair tissue, as well as a reduction in recovery times and post-treatment erythema.

Lynton states that the DOT Therapy is ideal for skin resurfacing and rejuvenation treatments, including scar treatment, improving skin tone, elasticity, and texture. The RF CO2 source allows practitioners to select the optimal pulse shape for any required treatment, including level and depth of ablation, power, duration, and thermal control via pulse type. This allows patients with deeper skin concerns to benefit from more stronger treatment settings available. 


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