Meder Beauty introduces new body products

09 Jun 2022

Swiss professional skincare brand Meder Beauty Science has launched three new microbiome-friendly body products.

The Body-Day is a natural prebiotic deodorant cream to manage the microbiome to eliminate unpleasant odours whilst maintaining and nourishing the skin. Eu-Body anti-acne body cream is designed for breakouts below the neck. Both products contain plant stem cell extracts to eliminate pathogenic biofilms which play a vital role in the bacteria causing malodour and acne, explains Meder Beauty.

The third product is the Heavy-Legs relief gel which restores comfort to tired and heavy legs but strengthens capillaries. The product contains horse chestnut extract to help with varicose veins, it combines menthol crystals derived from Japanese mint, which increases blood flow and activates circulation.  


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