Medik8 releases new sunscreen

26 Jul 2021

Skincare company Medik8 has added the new Advanced Day Ultimate Protect SPF 50+ sunscreen to its portfolio.

According to the company, the sunscreen has been formulated to deliver protection in a daily moisturiser format which is suitable for all skin tones. The sunscreen offers protection from blue light by containing blueberry seed oil, which aims to absorb the light to aid against hyperpigmentation and free radical damage. The product also contains marrubium vulgare extract, carnosine and glycation to prevent the loss of collagen and elastin, whilst protecting against infrared and pollution on the skin, explains Medik8.

Director of research at Medik8, Daniel Issacs, commented, “For those that want ultra-high sun protection in a daily moisturiser format, Medik8’s new Advanced Day Ultimate Protect is the complete sunscreen offering. The sunscreen not only protects the skin, but it also repairs DNA damage derived from UV whilst you wear it.”


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