Medik8 unveils new Oxy-R Peptides

14 Sep 2021

Skincare company Medik8 has launched the Oxy-R Peptides.

The peptides aim to address visible age spots, areas of hyperpigmentation, post-inflammatory pigmentation and uneven skin tone, explains Medik8.

The ingredient oxyresveratrol is an antioxidant that has brightening and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to his instability at high concentrations, Medik8 has 1% of the ingredient in the serum, distributed into two 10ml bottles, notes the company.

Daniel Isaacs, director of research at Medik8, commented, “At Medik8 we tackle hyperpigmentation with gold-standard brightening agent oxyresveratrol. A gentle yet powerful antioxidant, in recent studies it has been found to be 33 times more effective than kojic acid, and it works by helping to block the enzyme tyrosinase from functioning – the key enzyme responsible for forming pigment in the skin.”

The peptides are available at Skinbrands now.


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