mesoestetic updates dermamelan pack

28 Jun 2019

Pharmaceutical and skincare manufacturer mesoestetic has updated the dermamelan pack, which the company explains is designed to reduce melanic spots.

The pack features the existing oil removing solution, dermamelan mask and dermamelan treatment as well as two new solutions; the melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control.

The company explains that the melan recovery aims to calm and restore skin that has become sensitive and reddened due to the dermamelan exfoliation process, while the melan 130+ pigment control is incorporated into the method for solar protection for skins with hyperpigmentation.

mesoestetic explains that the first two products are used in clinic (the oil removing solution and dermamelan mask) whilst the dermamelan treatment, melan recovery and melan 130+ pigment control are to be used by the patient at home post treatment.

Adam Birtwistle, managing director of mesoestetic UK distributor Wellness Trading, commented, “There have been over one million treatments of dermamelan carried out from mesoestetic around the world. The new dermamelan packs are now produced with the latest formulas. The two new additions to the pack are designed to work alongside the treatment providing comfort and support for the consumer and containing active ingredients which continue the depigmenting action.”


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