New body filler launches

10 Feb 2021

Pharmaceutical company Sinclair Pharma has launched a new bio-stimulating dermal filler for the body.

There are two products in the range, Lanluma V for the face and hands, along with Lanluma X for the rest of the body.

The company explains that Lanluma is made from Poly-l-lactic Acid (PLLA) and is designed to stimulate collagenesis to help restore skin’s inner structure and shape improvement, reshape and enhance the fullness of different areas of the body, and help with the reduction in the appearance of cellulite.

The filler can only be administered for use by aesthetic doctors, plastic surgeons, and general practitioners.

Chris Spooner, CEO of Sinclair Pharma, said, “Lanluma pushes injectable body sculpting to the next level, generating aesthetic results which speak for themselves. This highly efficacious PLLA product has been formulated to address the needs of the physician with bigger sizing, easier reconstitution and convenient storage.”


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