New multi-use device launches

22 Dec 2021

Aesthetic device company Deleo has introduced a new three-pronged treatment.

The Deleo Cristal body layering concept has three functions to help target volume, tonicity, and firmness. The company explains that the Cristal Pro, the first phase in the Cristal body layering procedure, works on fat by removing adipocytes by using cryolipolysis. The second phase is the Cristal Fit which aims to build up the silhouette by toning and sculpting the muscles by using electromagnetic muscle stimulation technology, and the final step is the Cristal Skin which aims to improve firmness by minimising lax skin, through its multipolar radiofrequency technology. The Cristal Pro comes with a range of applicators, four of which are simultaneous. The device allows for the treatment of four areas at the same time. 

Co-founder of Deleo, Andre Fournier, said, “At Deleo, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative solutions to meet the needs of practitioners and the end-consumer. We knew that there was an opportunity to create a state-of-the-art machine with all three functions using the very best in technology whilst ensuring safety and efficacy.”


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